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ALBI shops´

The reason we opened our own chain of shops was not only to increase sales but primarily to get closer to our customers and improve the standard of services we provide.  Keeping in touch with customers is crucial for us as our products are designated for particular people whose requirements we want to meet.


ALBI shops
Loyalty Club

ALBI Club is a loyalty program for regular customers of ALBI gift shops. It has over
102.000 members who have joined since 2009. Thanks to our contact with them, we are
able to improve our products and how we
sell them.

THE TOP DISTRIBUTOR of board games and toys

The best from the world of games and fun for all age groups – from quiz to family games, educational or strategic games, outdoor games...

Every day is a perfect occasion make someone happy with a GIFT. And we have the right gift for every occasion.

When you want to say more...

Greeting cards have a very long history, only the occasions have changed. Cards carry messages, express thanks or just wish the best...