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Wrapping paper, PP bags, ribbons

Gift wrap

Simple and impressive

You will find wrapping paper with floral patterns, stripes, animals or dots... Every occasion such as a wedding, birthday or the birth of a baby deserves a properly wrapped gift. The most popular is the Little Mole wrapping paper - we are the only producer of it in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Other characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Princesses or the Puppy turn a gift into a surprise.
PP Bags (polypropylene bags)
A fixed star in gift wrap – simple and impressive small gift wrap. We offer also transparent polypropylene bags that change even a little something into an amazing gift.  
Ribbons, stars and natural raffia
Ribbons, stars and natural raffia give every gift the final touch. Select from traditional colours in both glossy and matt or go for natural raffia that crowns your gift with a rich and impressive ribbon...

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