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Family games

Party and quiz game

Ages 10+; 3-6 players; 30+ min

What was the diameter of the world’s biggest snowflake? How tall was the tallest man ever? How many pounds does the heart of a blue whale weigh? You don’t know the answers to these questions? You don’t have to!
Take a Guess is a clever combination of party game and quiz game where knowing isn’t everything. The player whose guess is the closest one earns some points; but you can earn some as well by betting on him. Each of the 1 188 questions is a tricky one. So – would you bet on your guess?
  • What’s in the box: 396 question cards; 6 erasable sheets; 6 markers; 80 plastic chips; 6 cardboard player tokens; rulebook
  • 1 188 questions on 6 topics: Science and Technology; Fauna and Flora; Society; Miscellaneous; History; Sport
  • Very simple rules
  • Quiz game where no exact knowledge is needed


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