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Perfect couple

For Adults

A funny game for two partners

What is my favorite color of socks? What is my grandmother’s first name? Do I wear t-strings? Such a handful of questions! In Perfect Couple – a funny game for two partners – you’re about to find out what your partner knows and doesn’t know about you, what shared experiences they remember and what seems to be forgotten.
A great variety of questions, starting with innocent ones, moving through tricky ones to daring ones, will ensure that you’ll know just about everything about that partner of yours. Have fun guessing what you don’t know and wondering whether things are different than you thought. You’re part of the Perfect Couple after all – aren’t you?
Contents: 120 cards with a total of 600 questions; game board; 2 erasable player sheets; 3 markers; 2 pawns; 26 cardboard tokens; rulebook
Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 6 cm
MSRP: 26,99 EUR
Available territories: CZ, SK, PL

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