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Mr Pen

The world of Mr Pen

Interactive talking pen

MR PEN is a unique educational concept through which your children will find out loads of fascinating and useful information in a fun and attractive manner. MR PEN is designed both for pre-school children and older children, but adults will also undoubtedly find it intriguing. It all depends purely on what book you select. Thanks to its special technology, preschool children who have not yet learnt to read can also take full advantage of the books. 
Thus they can ‘read’ a fairytale or learn to recognise colours, numbers, letters or various shapes in a fun way. They can then practise all these skills in the fun educational games contained within the books. Older children and adults are sure to appreciate the interactive ‘World Atlas’ or ‘World of Animals’, or the book on learning English. 
How it all works?
Simply! Place the electronic speaking pen over the book, such as over text, and the pen will read it!
How to use Mr Pen?
Your Albi pen can be used with any ‘MR PEN’ edition book, game or jigsaw puzzle. Simply upload the appropriate sound file onto the pen’s memory card. The card is 8 GB in size, but you can slot a memory card of up to 16 GB capacity into your pen. The pen has a built-in Li-ion battery which will last for up to 8 hours of use. Subsequently, simply connect your pen using the cable to a socket or computer to recharge it.
Available in Fall 2022

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