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Human Body

Tolki Interactive Books

Tolki series

On your adventure through the Human Body book, you will be accompanied by a little alien called Questin, who flew in from the planet Po and decided to explore the interesting, mysterious and at the same time entertaining human body. Questin is trying really hard to…well…question things. No wonder he is so amazed: on the planet Po, everything works completely differently!
The character of Questin the alien and the engaging illustrations encourage children to gradually discover the individual parts and systems of the human body. Young and older explorers alike will find instructions for exercise on each double page. When they do all the exercises together, they will get into a routine that they can practice every day and they can start their days all stretched and ready for action!
The book also contains poems, fun quizzes and special icons that encourage children to check what they’ve learnt quite literally on their own skin.
Contents: Almost 2000 sounds and texts on 16 interactive pages
Dimensions: 23 + 27 + 1 cm
MSRP: 15,99 EUR
Available territories: CZ, SK, PL, RO, HU, SL, CRO
Release date: April 2022

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