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Family games

Stimulates fantasy and creative thinking

Ages 10+; 2-6 players; 30+ min

Do you think of yourself as an empathetic person? Are you good at reading other people’s feelings and emotions? Then Empatia is right for you! In Empatia you’ll try to guess what other players like, and what is not their cup of tea. Empatia is a game filled with marvelous eerie illustrations – and your task is to find among them the ones that other players like the best. You have to empathize with them to choose correctly; you have to discover why they like a given picture more than the others – Is it the colors? Shapes? The person in the middle? A cute animal? Empatia is not a game for the cold-hearted, that’s for sure!
  • What’s in the box? 68 large-sized cards with illustrations; 12 cards with numbers; 6 plastic diamonds; 1 cardboard scoring sheet; 6 wooden player tokens; 36 cardboard tokens; rulebook
  • Beautiful and magical artwork
  • Easy-to-learn rules
  • 2 game modes – competitive and cooperative
  • Stimulates fantasy and creative thinking
  • Estimated launch date: Q3 2017
  • Estimated MSRP: 28 €


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